Inicio Cultura Tuntakamon, La Exposición Inmersiva,debido al éxito se prorroga hasta la Primavera

Tuntakamon, La Exposición Inmersiva,debido al éxito se prorroga hasta la Primavera


Tuntakamon, The Immersive Exhibition, due to success is extended until Spring

TUTANKAMON , The Immersive Exhibition,  has become an unprecedented success, With  100% occupancy since its premiere on November 4 ,

It has already been enjoyed by the  more than 150,000 spectators  who have passed through MAD MADRID ARTES DIGITALES, the only permanent center for immersive exhibitions in Madrid.

Due to the unprecedented success in Spain, we are pleased to announce that TUTANKAMON , The Immersive Exhibition,  will be extended until spring.

A unique experience, which had its world premiere in Madrid,

coinciding with the centenary of the discovery of the pharaoh’s tomb, and which can only be seen at MAD Madrid Artes Digitales,

The only permanent center for immersive exhibitions in the city, created exclusively to present large shows.

Our space presents unique exhibitions, which due to their characteristics, technical requirements and complexity of their assemblies cannot be presented in any other city in our geography on an itinerant basis.

TUTANKAMON , The Immersive Exhibition will be the first of the MAD productions to be exported. 

The first cities to host it, starting in June, will be Vienna, Munich and Hannover .

TUTANKAMON , The Immersive Exhibition  makes us travel by the hand of the Child Pharaoh through the history of a magical civilization, from which we have inherited countless cultural elements and which -despite everything- continues to captivate us due to the enigmas that cover the sands of its deserts and dissolve in the waters of its mighty Nile River.

TUTANKAMON, The Immersive Exhibition transports us to the primeval time in which the gods of Egypt emerged from the pyramids.

The wind, the water, the forces of nature give shape to incredible myths and the birth of the pharaohs themselves, who, like our protagonist TUTANKAMON , are created by the gods.

We will discover the secrets of the Nile in a flight that will leave us speechless,

touching almost with the tips of the fingers the rich marshes of the river and the arid desert on which lavish temples were raised thousands of years ago.

The passage of time has made these majestic constructions reach our days dull and devoid of the color that covered their columns and reliefs.

Here we can see them in their original state, just as they were more than 3,500 years ago.

One of the most beautiful tombs, that of  TUTANKAMON , happens to be one of the most extraordinary finds in the history of archaeology.

Its discoverer, Howard Carter, tells us with his own voice how was that sensational discovery of more than 5,500 objects (many of them gold), made 100 years ago now.

The immersive show is completed with a description of the journey into the underworld of TUTANKAMON himself  from the paintings that appear in the burial chamber of his tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

An interactive activity room allows the viewer to learn about the magic of hieroglyphic writing, the deciphering of which we celebrate the second centenary in 2022 ,

or take your first steps in the world of archeology to discover great treasures as H. Carter did in 1922.

TUTANKAMON , The Immersive Exhibition also has a virtual reality room, where the viewer is the protagonist of a journey through the tortuous paths of the  Book of the Dead ,

until reaching the judgment of Osiris and, if he manages to pass all the tests successfully, reach eternal life in the fields of lalu, the «beyond» of the ancient Egyptians.

A space of 2,000 m2, where we will take an incomparable tour of the Pharaoh’s tomb, with 1,200 m2 of screens,

augmented reality to visit the tomb in «real size»,

added to the interactive activities room and the virtual reality room (the second largest in Europe) that will allow us to delve into the tomb and its treasures.

A journey that will take us more than 3,500 years back in time.

TUTANKAMON , The Immersive Exhibition, is presented at MAD MADRID ARTES DIGITALES, located in Nave 16 of Matadero Madrid.  

It can  be seen on Mondays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The passes are every 30 minutes and the visit to the exhibition lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Tickets on sale at



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