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Sky Seal Capital announces the launch of Phoenix Lending

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sky Seal Capital announces Phoenix Lending, a platform that allows users to deposit digital asset and earn interest.

Phoenix Lending has been launched from February 1 to March 1 in several phases introducing products of different annualized interest rates. Visit #PhoenixLending: #HODL and #EARN #Bitcoin and #USDT.

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Phoenix Lending has been launched from February 1 to March 1 in several phases introducing products of different annualized interest rates. The minimum deposit is US$ 100, and users can terminate the product at any time. Currently, the target currencies are Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). The interest payoff date is at the end of every month starting from March.

As the backing of its service, the management team of Sky Seal Capital employs AI strategy combination module which integrates more than 90 types of diverse technologies, including dynamic management mechanism for cutting-edge strategic combinations. Since 2013, the annual performance growth has been steadily growing at over 30%. In addition, Phoenix provides lending to other exchanges just like BlockFi, the US-based exchange invested by Recruits, and it also carries out digital currency trading between exchanges.

One of the strategic partners of Phoenix is Bincentive, a decentralized asset management service. Bincentive has adopted a quantitative investment strategy for digital asset trading and created a «Smart Trend Follow» in which historical data for all orders and performances are written on the blockchain.

«We aim to minimize operating costs by promoting digitalization within the company, utilizing AI and cutting down the cost of advertising and marketing, so that we can return profits to investors as much as possible. Our goal is to share more profits and expand the market with users in a means of high security,» said Michael Yu, the representative of Phoenix Lending and Sky Seal Capital.

«Bincentive meets the needs of conservative and venture capital investors and maximize investor profits. There is a benefit when there is volatility. It is a new option for asset management in the investment market, and it helps to lower the entry levels for global investors to enter,» said Dr Chao-Ming Cho, Founder of Bincentive.

About Phoenix

Invested by Token Global Fund under Sky Seal Capital, Phoenix extends its service in digital asset and focuses on developing online and offline asset integration service with its successful experience in traditional financial and capital markets. The managing members include Michael Yu, CEO of Sky Seal Capital. Winston Hsieh, Chief Investment Officer of Sky Seal Capital, who is also the current Advisor and former CFO of Eastern Media International, the largest broadcasting station in Taiwan.

Token Global Fund is registered in Cayman and mainly operates in Hong Kong and Taiwan(ISIN Code: KYG8T26E1046)

About Bincentive

Bincentive is a decentralized asset management and investment platform that connects trading experts and investors in a transparent profit-sharing environment. It introduced quantitative investment into the digital currency market and launched «Bincentive Smart Mirror Trading» and «BinFi».

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