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PSOE asume la responsabilidad de buscar una mayoría de gobierno en Canarias

Canary Islands, May 29, 2023.— The general secretary of the PSOE Canarias, Ángel Víctor Torres, has announced that next Wednesday, May 31, he will begin contacts with other formations that have obtained parliamentary representation in the Canary Islands to try to form a Government, thus taking the initiative that corresponds to him as a candidate and formation most voted for at the polls.

In a press appearance held this Monday at the socialist regional headquarters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, after the PSOE Regional Executive Commission met, Torres offered a detailed balance of the electoral results of last Sunday, May 28, concluding that his formation It has been the most supported option in the Canary Islands both at the municipal level —even bettering the results of 2019— and at the parliamentary level. 

In the specific case of the regional list, he has detailed that his candidacy obtained 22,000 more votes than in 2019, while the CC ballot headed by Fernando Clavijo received 40,000 less supports than four years ago.

In the insular circumscriptions to the regional Chamber, «the elections have also been won by the Socialist Party of the Canary Islands» and, if we combined the votes of the regional list and the insular lists, «the PSOE would have obtained 523,700 and CC 357,000». The difference in favor of the Socialists, therefore, has been 166,000 votes, he said.

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«These data are necessary to show that the party that has clearly won the elections in the Canary Islands has been the Socialist Party,» said Ángel Víctor Torres, who has assumed, however, that «the peculiarities of the Canarian electoral system» They mean that this favorable balance is not sufficiently reflected in the final result. 

He added that «we assume the responsibility of being the first force in the Canary Islands and this Monday we have approved, in an extraordinary session of the Regional Executive Commission, to start talks with all the political forces of the parliamentary arc, except with Vox, to try to form a majority in the Canary Islands. We did the same in 2019, he has reminded him, and those negotiations ended with a government of progress. 

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