Inicio Gran Canaria Maspalomas inaugura su Monumento a la Paz

Maspalomas inaugura su Monumento a la Paz


Gran Canaria.- Maspalomas  now has its  Peace Monument . This Tuesday, June 30, its inauguration took place on the  Paseo Príncipe de Asturias, in Meloneras , in an act that was attended by the mayoress of San Bartolomé de Tirajana,  Concepción Narváez , together with a broad representation of the municipal corporation , the president of the Maspalomas Rotary Club,  Arista Jaime  and the Past Governor of District 2201 Rotary Spain,  Andres Barriales .

Maspalomas is currently the only Rotary City of Peace in all of Spain and the fourth in all of Europe after Jersey, in Great Britain, Cannes, in France, and the Serbian city of Zenna, thanks to the intense work of the Maspalomas Rotary Club. The inauguration of this monolith becomes the physical representation of a lifetime of work for the achievement of peace, tolerance and respect.

The new monument, symbol of the Rotary Cities of Peace, is a piece made of glass on a concrete pedestal, almost two and a half meters high, on which the word Peace can be read, «peace» in English, as well as the following motto: » Maspalomas has been declared a Rotary City of Peace on March 29, 2016. Rotary’s highest ambition is to reach the greatest understanding between nations, in order to lay the foundations for lasting peace. » Words by Paul Harris, founder of Rotary International.

For Concepción Narváez, mayoress of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, this title and the monument that represents it “ allows us a plus as a population and society and also at a tourist level. We can boast of being a safe destination, not only at the health level, but for all those who walk through our municipality. I think that now many more people are going to notice us ”.

The Councilor for Tourism, Alejandro Marichal, expressed himself along the same lines,  adding that “ this monument is a symbol of the values ​​​​that the municipality wants to transmit, of peace, harmony, coexistence between peoples. Maspalomas continues to be a safe and friendly destination with the best climate .”

According to the Councilor for Culture of San Bartolomé de Tirajana,  Elena Espino , » we must recognize the work of the Maspalomas Rotary Club, which works throughout the year in cultural and very supportive activities. With them and with this monument we can boast of being a destination of peace . ” For his part, the Councilor for Sports of the Consistory,  Samuel Henríquez , expressed that “ hopefully this promenade will be filled again very soon with visitors who contemplate this monument, a symbol of what Maspalomas represents .”

Arista Jaime , president of the Maspalomas Rotary Club, affirmed that this monument is erected » with the idea that both tourists and the islanders themselves see it, it is important that it be known and that we know that Maspalomas is the only Rotary City of Peace in all Spain. We work daily for it. Today is a very happy day «. Finally,  Andrés Barriales , Past Governor of District 2201 of Rotary Spain and pioneer of the idea of ​​presenting the candidacy of Maspalomas as a City of Peace, has assured that he always knew that Maspalomas had all the characteristics to win the title: “paradisiacal, diverse, unifying , friendly, divine Maspalomas is City of Peace ”.


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                                                                                                                           Maspalomas, Rotary City of Peace

Being a Rotary City of Peace means working to make the community better every day. It supposes the honor of joining a handful of cities in the world, at the proposal of a Rotary Club that has its headquarters in them and that works for the achievement of respect, the rejection of violence, the resolution of conflicts, the reconciliation between differences. and freedom of expression and cultural diversity, pillars of Rotarians.

After verifying that it met all these requirements, Maspalomas achieved this title on March 29, 2016, thanks to the initiative of the Rotary Club of Maspalomas and the collaboration of one of its members, the businessman Domingo Espino  Hernández  .

Gran Canaria has always been considered a small continent in miniature, but it is not just because of the diversity of its climate and orography.

It is also important because of the multitude of nationalities, creeds and tendencies that welcomes it. A platform for sailors for centuries, Maspalomas today brings together citizens of up to 116 different nationalities, which make up 35 percent of its population.

Within this framework of diversity and hospitality, the work of the Maspalomas Rotary Club, which has always had the support of the San Bartolomé de Tirajana City Council, becomes even more important, making Maspalomas a city where peaceful coexistence is possible. and harmony, regardless of our origin, belief or ideology.

Among the numerous actions carried out by the Maspalomas Rotary Club, the International Conferences on relevant and current issues stand out, such as Refugees, Immigration, Peace and Development in Africa or Peace and Climate Emergency, the Camp Internacional Rotary Maspalomas, which brings together young people from around the world for six years now, as well as all kinds of solidarity actions. The last one, the donation of some tablets to the Maternal and Child Island University Hospital of Gran Canaria, so that home monitoring of their patients is possible.


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