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Juan Antonio Simarro gana el premio a la Mejor Banda Sonora Musical en el IndieX Film Fest

  • The musical band was composed for the film La Tierra llamando a Ana , the creation of director Fernando Bonelli, who jointly receives the award 
  • This work also won the Award for Best Romantic Film and for Best Actress, for the interpreter Laia Manzanares 


The Spanish composer Juan Antonio Simarro wins the award for Best Musical Soundtrack at the IndieX Film Fest, along with director Fernando Bonelli, with his short film La Tierra Llamando a Ana, a successful film that also won the Best Actress Award . Laia Manzanares, and for Best Romantic Film at the same festival.

The IndieX Film Festival is an international film festival based in Los Angeles (USA), qualified by IMDb , which also offers bi-monthly streaming shows from its studios in Hollywood, California. This award is an enormous recognition of the work of Juan Antonio Simarro and Fernando Bonelli . This short film has already won other prizes of great national prestige, such as the National Short Film Contest Award, held in Medina del Campo (Valladolid), in one of the most important short film festivals in Spanish territory. 

The Earth calling Ana is a 20-minute Spanish work that tells the story of a passionate about music, Ana , who one day decides to isolate herself and keep her music only for herself and her own universe. Simarro’s music therefore plays an essential role in this drama. The film is a reflection on the importance of communication in the couple and empathy, the true universal language of the world, according to its creators. It stars the winner of the Goya for Best New Actor Javier Pereira and the actress Laia Manzanares , an interpreter in films such as El Reino.

Juan Antonio Simarro is a Spanish composer, pianist and music producer with great national and international recognition. He performed the corporate music for TVE’s 50th Anniversary, presented by Jesús Hermida, he has composed pieces for many of the Noche de Fiesta, Pop Stars or Big Brother programs . In the advertising sector he has made great compositions for Día or Coca-Cola with Greta and the Garbo, he has worked as a music producer for Manu Tenorio and with Ana Torroja and Jarabe de Palo with Fundación Voces.

His career has also been very extensive and recognized outside of Spain, in its most classical facet, proof of this has been his recent appointment as official composer of the Beverly Hills Symphony. Simarro won the First Symphony Orchestras of The World Composition for Peace World Contest and was the first Official Composer of the Lisbon Philharmonic Orchestra. His career is backed by the recognition of his work by major world organizations such as UNESCO, the UN, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Greenpeace, the Ibero-American Youth Organization, etc. This new award that comes from the other side of the Atlantic adds to his collection of recognitions for his musical career.



Earth’s Facebook calling Ana


About Juan Antonio Simarro


Although he was born in Tenerife, Juan Antonio Simarro grew up in Lozoyuela (Madrid) and lived in Turís (Valencia) during his adolescence. He currently lives between Madrid and Los Angeles (USA). His musical training began at the age of 13, including solfeggio, choral ensemble, music history, cello, piano, harmony, contemporary harmony, improvisation, jazz and orchestral conducting.


With this extensive musical training, Juan Antonio Simarro soon established himself as a multifaceted artist , who has made all kinds of musical works ranging from the most classical to the most modern genres, without forgetting his time as an audiovisual producer. He highlights his facet as a classical music composer with a great international profile, he also has a great career as a producer for well-known artists and compositions for theatre, film and television.


Simarro was the winner of the First World Competition for Composition for Peace Symphony Orchestras of The World (Symphonic Orchestras of the World) in the violin and viola category, with his piece Composition for Peace and was named the first Official Composer of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lisbon.


Juan Antonio Simarro is also widely recognized for using his musical talent in solidarity and social initiatives, based on «positive music». Simarro is not only a highly prepared young man with a great national and international career, especially as a symphonic composer and pianist, he is also defined as a » humanist, concerned about the society of his time.» An example of this is his concert De él Simarro, positive music or his concerts in favor of human rights, organized by UNESCO ( Symphony for a better world ). In addition, he collaborates with the Piano por la Salud initiative, where he plays the organ on hospital floors to help patients cope with their illness.






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