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Jonathan Domínguez: “El voto útil para La Laguna es el de Coalición Canaria, para que vuelva a ser un municipio importante”

Jonathan Domínguez: «The useful vote for La Laguna is that of Coalición Canaria, so that it becomes an important municipality again»

The La Laguna Canary Islands Coalition celebrates its closing campaign today at 7:00 p.m. with a great party in the Plaza Mayor of the La Verdellada neighborhood;

my neighborhood, where it all began, so it is a recognition of my origins, I want to be with the people who supported me from the first moment and with the lagoons who wish to participate in this moment”, said Jonathan Domínguez.

The nationalist candidate for mayor of La Laguna insisted that he is the government alternative for La Laguna, «we are the alternative to the replica of Pedro Sánchez, who has been Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, who in four years has squandered money in advertising and propaganda to cover up the mismanagement that it has done in the municipality”, while stressing that “the useful vote for La Laguna is that of the Canary Islands Coalition, so that it becomes an important municipality again”.

“In La Laguna, on May 28, the residents will decide between two models: between the current one with the parties that say they are left-wing, with policies that leave much to be desired, or Jonathan Domínguez, leading an alternative government, who is coming to work and show your face”, he said.

Domínguez reiterated his commitment to put the citizenry at the center of politics, and «not the mayor, as the socialist government has done in the last four years in La Laguna.»

“We have experience in management and we are going to get to work fully from day one so that the City Council is useful to citizens and not an obstacle,

We are going to open the doors of the Consistory, in which there are currently security personnel, and to meet with the social agents so that, in a participatory way, they recover the municipality for the citizens, so that La Laguna has a future”, he added.

Jonathan Domínguez defended that he has a «program with identity, with a head and progress», with which he wants to make previous appointments to request social aid disappear,

decentralize the local police, carry out the General Planning Plan, promote the construction of houses, recover abandoned parks and green spaces, as well as sports facilities,

improve security in the municipality with the commitment to reach the ratio of 250 agents, launch a business improvement plan, «in La Laguna 380 euros more taxes are paid per year compared to other municipalities,» he added.

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For this, the nationalist candidate pointed out that he has people, who make up his candidacy,

«who have worked hand in hand with ordinary people, who know their difficulties», emphasizing that zone councils will be created and zone councilors will be recovered in the neighborhoods and towns so that citizens once again have a reference councilor to turn to,

«and not like this government that has a virtual office to send emails and people don’t know if they arrive or not and if their problems are solved or not.»

Domínguez was accompanied by the leaders of the organization, Ana Oramas, candidate for the Parliament of the Canary Islands for Tenerife; Fernando Clavijo, candidate for the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands; and Rosa Dávila, candidate to preside over the Cabildo de Tenerife; together with all the members of his candidacy.

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