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Gran Canaria.- Hace 138 años se puso la primera piedra del Puerto de La Luz, hoy puerto líder del Atlántico Medio



Today, February 26, 2021, is an important day for the Las Palmas Port Authority (APLP) and for thousands of companies and professionals that work directly or indirectly with the Port of Las Palmas.

On this day, in 1883, the British company Swanston, which had won the award for the work, laid the first stone of the Port of La Luz, which, 138 years later, has become the leader in the Mid-Atlantic under the trademark from the port of Las Palmas.

The president of the APLP, Luis Ibarra, points out in this regard that «it is an honor for this Port Authority to share with the residents of Gran Canaria such a powerful event that 138 years ago improved the quality of life on the island and in the Canary Islands, and that today continues to improve it with its driving capacity for the economy and employment”.

Gran Canaria.- Hace 138 años se puso la primera piedra del Puerto de La Luz, hoy puerto líder del Atlántico Medio

On that day in 1883, the Swanston company held a commemorative act for the laying of the first stone at the height of Santa Catalina.

It was attended by, among other people, the authorities of that time: the mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Felipe Massieu; the project engineer, Juan León y Castillo; the commander of the Navy, Pedro del Castillo Westerling; and the contract winner, James Swanston.

The legend ‘God bless our work’ (‘God bless our work’) presided over the moment and was a premonitory of its development capacity as a reference port enclave on the North-South route and in relations with West Africa.

The act had great relevance at the time, but enormous significance in the future. The original Port of La Luz became over time the Port of Las Palmas, the largest port in the Mid-Atlantic between the European, African and American continents with a list of services that ranges from provisioning to ship repair, going through changes crew and all types of merchandise transits.

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That day the construction of the port of the capital began after a battle of almost 30 years, called at that time Puerto de Refugio de La Luz in the Bay of La Isleta.

The technical project had been drawn up by the engineer Juan León y Castillo in 1881 and approved on March 3, 1882 by the Ministry of Public Works thanks to the political impulse of his brother, Fernando León y Castillo.

From that same date, the Las Palmas pier, located in the San Telmo area, was moved to La Isleta. This new location was ideal due to its natural disposition conducive to port activity.

A decision that has been endorsed in these 138 years with the consolidation of that original Port of La Luz, today the Port of Las Palmas, as the main international port in the Mid-Atlantic and a great generator of economy and employment for the island and the Canary Islands.

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