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Gobiernos de Canarias y España dan un nuevo impulso al plan de actuación en I+D en las Islas

The Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and the Information Society and the Center for Technological and Industrial Development of the Ministry of Science and Innovation renew their agreement for the promotion of R&D

The Head of Area of ​​the Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and the Information Society of the Government of the Canary Islands, Antonio López, representing the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment, and those responsible for the areas of European Programs and Territorial Cooperation, Institutional Relations and Industrial Leadership of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), held this week in Madrid a follow-up meeting of the action plan in terms of financing and support for R+D+i projects, within the framework of the Agreement of Collaboration for the Promotion of Innovation and Technological Development in this Autonomous Community.

The Action Plan is based on reciprocal advice, support and exchange of information and procedures and the coordination of financing actions, as well as attracting R+D+i projects internationally or promoting help lines and programs managed by the CDTI and the ACIISI. With this work meeting, the aim is to strengthen the coordination and cooperation between the CDTI and the Canarian Executive in their financial instruments and new measures to be developed to promote technological innovation, in addition to adapting to the current scenario and agreeing on areas of action that guarantee a greater aid effectiveness.

The relationship formalized in 2007 between the CDTI and the Ministry directed by Elena Máñez has materialized in a new multi-year agreement (2019-2022) that seeks, among other purposes, to promote the presentation of innovative technological proposals to public aid calls and increase the participation of Canarian companies in international programs managed by the CDTI.

In addition, it seeks to establish synergies between public and private research organizations and institutions and companies, favoring the transfer of technology to the productive fabric, as well as the coordination and promotion of relations at the international, national and interregional level in terms of scientific research. , technology and innovation.

The CDTI, a public business entity under the Ministry of Science and Innovation, is the body in charge of channeling aid for R+D+i projects for Spanish companies at the national and international levels.

For its part, the ACIISI is the regional agency with competencies in public policies and programs in the field of research, technological development, business innovation and deployment of the information society in the Canary Islands. Both organizations have agreed to renew the agreement that allows boosting the competitiveness of Canarian companies, through the exchange of strategies and the complementarity of actions aimed at improving the technological conditions of the business fabric of the Canary Islands.

More information:

Aid lines of the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment in innovation and technology for 2020

BOE 02/25/2020: Resolution of February 14, 2020, of the Center for Industrial Technological Development, EPE, by which the  Agreement with the Government of the Canary Islands is published , for the promotion of innovation and technological development in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

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