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Gobierno de Canarias distingue a Olga Rivero Jordán en el Día de las Escritoras


The Laguna writer Olga Rivero Jordán is honored by the Government of the Canary Islands on Writers’ Day 2020, which is celebrated today, October 19. The Deputy Minister of Culture, Juan Márquez, presented the accrediting diploma to Rivero, matriarch of Canarian literature at 92 years of age. In parallel, a new chapter of the ‘Palabras mayores’ series dedicated to the figure and work of the author from Tenerife has been launched today.

Women Writers’ Day is a commemoration started in Spain in October 2016 to recover and make visible the legacy of women writers. The annual celebration is convened around the feast of Teresa de Jesús, on October 15, and is celebrated on the Monday closest to this date.

Olga Rivero Jordán, spinner of light

As a special action in this celebration, the ‘Palabras mayores’ project, which is developed thanks to the collaboration between Canarias Cultura en Red and Biblioteca de Canarias, dedicates its new installment to this author. From today a new issue is available online, under the title ‘ Olga Rivero Jordán, spinner of light ‘.

It is a documentary pill that has the testimonies of Roberto Cabrera, writer and musician, and Bárbara Rodríguez Martín, doctor in Hispanic Philology and author of «Olga Rivero Jordán, this vagabond of verse.» The special is available on the Youtube channel of the State Public Library in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

This is the third edition of Women Writers’ Day to which the Autonomous Government has joined, distinguishing one of its authors. In 2018 he dedicated it to the poet and editor from La Palma Elsa López. And in 2019, with the novelist and poet from La Gomera Isabel Medina, this annual event was consolidated to contribute to historical equality in the field of letters.

bibliographical note

For  Olga Rivero Jordán  (La Laguna, 1928) her daily visits to the library of the Instituto de Canarias were key, where she began her self-taught training. She is a descendant of the linguist and writer José de Anchieta, the poet she worked as a telephone operator and she had an adolescence marked by the Francoist tear. Her father, Luis Rivero, first deputy mayor of the La Laguna town hall, was a government prisoner until his release, did forced labor and spent time in Fyffes prison.

When visiting his brother in Los Llanos de Aridane (La Palma), Rivero Jordán met the musician Mariano Luis, whom he married. His life underwent a turn when he returned to Tenerife in the mid-70s, where little by little he would manage to surrender to his poetic passion. Around these years, he began a gathering at the Ateneo de La Laguna with young poets and began to publish their texts in the magazines Artymaña, El buey de las estrellas, Campus II, Aquel Viejo Noray, Taramela, Menstrua Alba, Poesía (magazine of the University of Valencia, Venezuela), El Taller, El Vigía, as well as in the newspapers La Tarde (Weekly Magazine of the Arts), Diario de Avisos, El Día and La Gaceta de Canarias (Art and Literature Gazette).

Rivero Jordán appears in the latest anthology of Canarian poets published by the Ateneo Obrero de Gijón (Asturias) and in the Anthology of Canarian Poetry published by the magazine Isla Negra. In turn, the specialized magazine Orizon Litera Contemporan translated a selection of his poems into Romanian. He currently enjoys great dissemination in Latin America thanks to sympathetic authors of his work who have sent it to Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina.

Olga Rivero Jordán’s work includes the titles Los zapatos del mundo (1982); The Rapid Flames of the Blood (1995); Girandula (1993); The imaginist of dreams (2003); The dream city (2003); Unpublished poetry 1977-2004 (2004), which contains five poems: The skin of the forest, Solo of silhouettes, Poems to the paintings of an exhibition by Grecy Amores, Languages ​​of rain and Fencing of mirrors; the trilogy El sentir de la hoguera, Hiladora de luz and Mares (published in 2006), Memoria azul (2009) and Solar de manuscripts (2019). Her works have been attended by eminent writers such as Isaac de Vega or Carlos Pinto Grote, both Canary Islands Literature Awards. In addition to Pérez Só, Freddy Crescente, Antonio Arroyo Silva, Juan José Delgado, Antonio Jiménez, Roberto Cabrera, Daniel María and Jorge Rodríguez Padrón.

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In 2018, the Tenerife Writers Association presented him with the Victorina Bridoux Literature Award for his entire career and in 2019 the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Book Fair named one of its main tents after him.

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