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Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc. Announces Cash Dividend for fourth quarter of 2018

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:BRSS) (the “Company”) announced today that, on February 8, 2019, the Company’s Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.09 per share on the Company’s common stock for the fourth quarter of 2018. The dividend will be paid on March 1, 2019 to stockholders of record on the close of business on February 19, 2019.

The declaration and payment of any future dividend will be subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors and will depend on a variety of factors, including the Company’s financial condition and results of operations and contractual restrictions, such as the restrictive covenants contained in the Company’s credit agreement governing its term loan facility and in its credit agreement governing its asset-based revolving loan facility.

About Global Brass and Copper

Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc. is a leading, value-added converter, fabricator, processor, and distributor of specialized non-ferrous products in North America. We engage in metal melting and casting, rolling, drawing, extruding, welding, stamping, and coating to fabricate finished and semi-finished alloy products from processed scrap, virgin metals, and other refined metals. Our products include a wide range of sheet, strip, foil, rod, tube, painted and fabricated metal component products. Our products are used in a variety of applications across diversified markets, including the building and housing, munitions, automotive, transportation, coinage, electronics / electrical components, industrial machinery and equipment, and general consumer markets.



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