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Coronavirus: The UK´S 1 million Luso – Hispanics are one the most Vulnerable Groups


This week, a member of the UK’s Spanish/Portuguese speaking community died affected by COVID-19. We have had reports of a large number of contaminations among the UK’s one-million plus strong Luso-Hispanic and Ibero-American community.

According to official data from the UK’s public health authorities the 3 boroughs with the highest number of people infected with COVID-19 are:

3- Brent                        321 cases
2- Lambeth                   358 cases
1- Southwark               365 cases (*)

These are precisely the areas where the main Ibero-American and Luso-Hispanic communities in the UK are concentrated.
Brent has the largest Brazilian population in UK. At least 100 Brazilian and Ibero-American businesses, churches and groups are situated there, especially around Willesden Junction.

Lambeth has the UK’s largest Portuguese-speaking population. The area known as Little Portugal is a cultural and social home to hundreds of thousands of Lusophones living in Britain.

Southwark has the UK’s largest Hispanic American population. The main British Latin Quarter is in Elephant and Castle, but there are many Hispanic businesses around Camberwell and Old Kent Road also.

Approximately one out of every one thousand residents in these 3 local authority areas are thought to be infected with Covid-19. In order to halt the spread of the Coronavirus, Britain needs to help its residents who don’t have English as their mother tongue.

There is an urgent need, therefore for:

1) Local authorities, NHS Trusts and authorities to translate all of their public information resources into Spanish, Portuguese and other main minority languages.

2) A special 111 telephone line to run Spanish and Portuguese language services also – and other main minority language services too.

3) Special emergency measures – catering for the provision of assistance, food, medicines – to run in Spanish, Portuguese and other main minority languages too.




Political figures from all main parties


Lady Pilar Brennan. Patron and former Chair of the Anglo Latin American Foundation. British Hispanic Society. Great Equality for Women in Africa.
Claudio Durán, former Cllr and Chair of the St. Albans’ Conservative Party. Member of the leadership of the Anglo-Latin American Foundation.
Lina Usma. Former Green candidate. Latin Forum. Latin American Women Network. Today’s Women. Directorio Iberoamericano.

Cllr. María Linforth-Hall, London Borough of Southwark (Lib-Dem). Su Mano Amiga.
Hon Alderman Lorraine Zuleta, former Cllr Southwark (Lib Dem). Lorraine Zuleta Consulting Ltd.
Cllr Bélgica Guaña. London Borough of Newham (Labour)
Cllr Rosa Gomez. London Borough of Redbridge (Labour)
Cllr Bert Jones. London Borough of Redbridge (Labour)
Cllr Natasha Maria Lloyd-Owen . City of London (Labour)
Cllr Natalia Perez. London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (Labour)
Cllr Tiago Corais. Oxford. (Labour and Portuguese Socialist Party)




Gloria Gómez. Latin Front. Aculco Radio TV.
Andrés Felipe Caro Alvarez. 
U Latin TV.
Juan Carlos Bejarano. Independent Journalist and Broadcaster.
Alcino Francisco. PALOP NEWS (Lusophone paper). Portuguese Speaking Community Centre.
Arelys Goncalves, Express News Newspaper, Radio and TV, and Notícias em Português.
Emma Alonso. Radio Broadcaster. Mexico Lindo.
William García. Extra Radio TV Newspaper. Directorio Iberoamericano.
Herlander Cunha. Radio Lusofonia (Lusophone Radio).
Wendy Inocente. Déjame Que Te Cuente TV. Director U Latin TV
Vincenzo D’ Amelio. 
Portal Londres. Sutton.
Angela Maria Rodriguez. Portal Londres.




William Pineda. Global Accountants & Consultants (serving 500 Spanish and Portuguese speaking businesses). Global Media.
Agenor Junior. Planet Faith. Ibero-American Business breakfast. Guia Londres business directory. Guia Londres Amigo Month Awards.
Pedro Fernandes. General manager of Portuguese Journal Hora H and Restaurant O Moinho (Little Portugal, Lambeth).
María Londono. International Lawyer. Senior Partner of Londono Global Law Firms.
Angela Banzi. Angela Banzi Ltd Consultant and Advisors. Sutton.
Rossy Revelo. Professional Systems Telecommunications and Aviation. Coordinator of the Federation of Professional Migrants (FEPEX).
Carlos Burgos, West Green Road Seven Sisters Development Trust. Latin Village.




Mary Valverde BSc MSc FGCE CT MA NPQH. Education Strategy.
Joao Barbosa da Silva. 
Donor Relations; Trusts and Foundations; City University of London).
Silvia Aced Rodriguez. Parent Consultant. Islington Council. Former Trustee of the Latin American Women’s Right Services.
Irma Wootten. Early Years Educator. Lewisham.

Isaac Bigio. BA (Hons) MSc. Historian, Political Economist. Coordinator Amigo Month Committee.




Luz López. CEO Tiendas del Sur commercial galleries (Elephant and castle) and Stonehealth Clinic (City of London).
Magda Gillan. Health Assistant, Tooting Broadway. St. George’s Hospital, Broadway.
Andreas Schoyen. South West London & St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust. CEO Protect London. Wandsworth.
Mariam Ventura . Social Action COVID 19.


Community and Trade Union activists


Manuel Cortes. General Secretary of the TSSA (Transport Salaries Staff’s Association).
Dr. Patria Román. Latin Elephant.
Amparo Rendón. Latin American Multicultural Group. Southwark. La Liga Women’s Football League.
Nelly Herasme. Spaniard and Dominican community leader.
Mayiya Andrade, Manabitas Unidos (Ecuadorian association).
Moramay Nunez Trejos. Community Development. Southwark. La Liga Women’s Football League.
Humberto Heliotrope. Casa de Mozambique Association.
Dr. Nancy Liscano. VOADES. Amigo Voices for Hope. (Mental Health Services for Spanish-Portuguese speakers).
Osvaldo Anderson. President of East London Baseball Association.
Miladiz Díaz. Dominicans in Action.
Sonia Semedo. Luso-African community.
Celia Jaqueline Saldana. Voce Unidas. United Voices of the World Union. Haringey.
Pastor Benedicto Orellana. Amigo Theatre and Community Centre. Tottenham. Newspaper TV El Residente.
Anabel Claro. British Hispanic Society.


Religious leaders


Pastors Ignacio and Margarita Bedoya. Christian Community of London (CCL), Elephant and Castle.
Pastor Jackson Antonio. Cathedral International. West Norwood, Brent. Haringey, Epsom, Birmingham, Peterborough, Goole.
Pastor Fabio Rodrigues. International Gospel Church (Camden). Secretary of Public Relations of the Pastoral Alliance (the UK’s largest non-English native speakers which unites hundreds of pastors).
Father Jesús Pérez. Former chaplain of the UK’s Latin American Chaplaincy and member former member of the Spaniard Chaplaincy.
Pastor José Ribeiro. Hebron Church. Lambeth.
Pastor Silas Martins. Divine World of Faith Ministry. Brixton.
Gervasio Alfonso Cabrera. Member of the Spanish and Latin American chaplaincies and Citizens UK. (Personal capacity).




Marcia Martins de Rosa. Multicultural Artist.
John Cuevas. Amigo Artistas.
Medalit Benge. Amazonía Folkloric Group (Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela).
Jose Ribeiro. Portuguese singer and Fadista.
Natasha Da Cruz Braz and Tony Da Cruz Braz. 
Founders of Yes Brazil and Studio Kew. Kew.
Janette Rojas. Musician.



The number of coronavirus cases in each borough as total hits 5,957

Ian Molyneaux

Southwark remains the hardest hit borough




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