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Consuelo Pérez reina de las mayores del carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2020


Tenerife.- The Carnival ‘Of the flirtatious 50s’ already has a Queen of the Elderly. The candidate Consuelo Pérez, with the design ‘Sonora de Amor’ by Alexis Santana, representing the Santa Úrsula Open Commercial Zone, was chosen at the gala held this Wednesday (February 12) at the Tenerife Fairgrounds.

In this order, their bridesmaids were chosen: first, Concepción Hernández with the ‘Renacer’ design by Williams Luis Alonso representing Iltre. Santiago del Teide Town Hall; second, Josefa Herrero, with the fantasy ‘Glory to Heaven’ designed by Alexis González and representing Floristería Maxiflor and Calzados Febles Tacoronte; third, Eulalia Yanes, with the ‘Sempiterno’ design by Cristian Santana and representing San Miguel de Abona and Chinatown Shopping Center SL; and closes the court of honor Candelaria Pérez with the design ‘In the flower of life’ by David Afonso, representing Turismo de Arona and Las Cazuelitas de Feriche Restaurant.

The awards were presented by Patricia Hernández, mayor of the city, Andrés Martín, president of the Autonomous Organization for Festivals and Recreational Activities, and by the outgoing queen, Antonia Garrido Francés. Also enjoying the show were José Ángel Martín, Councilor for the Community Well-being and Public Services Area; Elena Mateo, Delegate Councilor for Sports, Youth and Education matters; Ana Delia Darias Sánchez, Delegate Councilor for Employment, Equality, Citizen Participation and Administrative Support to Districts; as well as representatives and authorities of the Cabildo de Tenerife and the Town Halls of Arico, Arafo and La Laguna.

The Fairgrounds had an entrance of 4,500 people, who enjoyed the performances of the winner of the television contest La Voz Senior, from Antena 3, Helena Bianco, who interpreted her well-known song ‘Tenerife has sun insurance’, and the carnival artist , Xayo, known nationally after his gold pass in the Got Talent contest. A show that, under the direction of Marco and María, dramatized the start of TVE broadcasts in the 1950s as the main theme of the evening and that included performances by 16 groups of older people.

The jury in charge of choosing the new queen was made up of Alejandro Tosco (de Castro), plastic artist, painter and sculptor; Amelia Pisaca (Amelia Piñas Pisaca), plastic artist, Carmen Delia (Aroa Rodríguez Acosta), comedian and actress; Jabicombé (Fransciso Javier Santana Díaz), Humorist, actor and musician and Pilar Blanco Altozano, Plastic artist, retired Professor of Fine Arts and member of the Association of Ceramists of Tenerife.



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