Inicio Canarias Canarias solicitará al Estado un marco legislativo específico para el sector eléctrico...

Canarias solicitará al Estado un marco legislativo específico para el sector eléctrico canario


The Minister of Ecological Transition, the Fight against Climate Change and Territorial Planning of the Government of the Canary Islands, José Antonio Valbuena, announced during the first plenary session of the Canary Islands Energy Observatory (OECan) that his Department is preparing a document with proposals for actions that allow accelerating the penetration of renewables in the islands through a specific legislative framework for the electricity sector of the Archipelago.

This document will include criteria for the replacement of small thermal groups, so that they are smaller, more flexible and can function 100% with green hydrogen.

It also proposes the design of an electricity market for the Canary Islands, with a differentiated treatment with respect to the continental territory, which contemplates the participation of renewables in the adjustment system, the regulation of the chemical battery market and the conditions and contribution of energy communities.

With regard to this type of communities, a specific section will be considered in the proposal to modify the current criteria and that they can be constituted on a self-consumption basis, together with an extension of the current location radius, among other measures.

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Valbuena explained that the objective is to submit this document to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge in the coming months, once it is agreed with all the members of the OECan itself and with the rest of the agents involved in the sector, such as the promoters. of renewable projects, marketing and distribution companies, employers, etc.

“The Canary Islands currently have six electrical systems isolated from each other and the generation groups available are considerably obsolescent, which is why urgent actions are required to guarantee a greater penetration of renewable energies that come from the installed solar and wind farms. or projected on the islands”, added the counselor.

«The purpose of this Government is thus to overcome the barriers that exist in the Canary Islands to guarantee a true ecological transition, reaching the milestones established in the planning that the Executive has already drawn up and thus turning the obstacles into opportunities for the islands,» Valbuena asserted.

«Without the modifications to the current rules of the game in the electricity sector in the Canary Islands, whose changes depend on the State Government, it will be impossible to achieve the energy transition and the much-needed decarbonization of our economy,» the counselor concluded.

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