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Canarias firmará el 5 de agosto el convenio con el Estado para la transferencia de los fondos del PIEC 2020

The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, will sign the agreement, endowed with 42 million euros and «key to respond to the situation regarding employment in our land»


The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, announced today that the autonomous government and the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy will sign on August 5, in Gran Canaria, the agreement for the transfer to the autonomous community of the funds for 2020 of the Comprehensive Plan of Employment of the Canary Islands (PIEC), an act in which the minister of the area, Yolanda Díaz, will be present. This was stated by Torres in statements in the Parliament of the Canary Islands, in which he recalled that the approval of the plan «is brought forward this year compared to the previous one» and stressed the «key» role of the document to «respond to the employment situation in our land ”. «The 42 million euros from the PIEC are going to be very well used by the regional government to implement plans that promote the generation of employment in the Islands,» he stated.

The Council of Ministers held this Tuesday approved the contribution of 42 million euros from the State Public Employment Service to finance the PIEC, funds that will allow, according to the Ministry of Labor, «to promote dynamics of economic and social growth in the face of the extraordinary situation derived of the pandemic” of COVID-19. The transfer of this item to the Canary Islands will allow the implementation of active employment policies aimed at combating unemployment and accompanying workers in the transition from the current crisis, which is why it constitutes a fundamental instrument to offer unemployed people in the Canary Islands all the necessary guarantees, advancing in the actions provided for in the Plan for the Social and Economic Reactivation of the Canary Islands.

Measures framed in the PIEC

The PIEC will allow the launch of the new edition of the Extraordinary Plan for Social Employment (PEES), endowed with 20 million euros, and the Extraordinary Plan for Employment COVID-19 (PECOVI), endowed with 10 million euros and intended for hiring of people unemployed as a result of the pandemic. Both measures were recently presented to the Canarian Federation of Municipalities (Fecam).

The PIEC funds will also make possible the articulation of the Extraordinary Plan for Ecological Transition (PETE) with the island councils, endowed with 5 million euros, and a plan for the modernization of the employment offices of the Canary Islands Employment Service (SCE), endowed with 1 million euros. The items are completed with a package of measures to promote employment and support projects for SMEs and self-employed workers, amounting to 6 million euros.

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The approval of the PIEC for 2020 is the result of the permanent dialogue and negotiations undertaken by the Government of the Canary Islands with the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, as well as social dialogue when defining the active employment policies necessary to stand up to COVID-19.

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