Inicio Canarias Canarias.- Consejero Franquis y el presidente de FEPECO, Óscar Izquierdo, coinciden en...

Canarias.- Consejero Franquis y el presidente de FEPECO, Óscar Izquierdo, coinciden en impulsar el sector de las obras públicas


The Minister of Public Works, Transport and Housing of the Government of the Canary Islands, Sebastián Franquis, held a meeting today with the president of the Federation of Construction Entrepreneurs of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (FEPECO), Óscar Izquierdo, in which The counselor informed him that the construction and public works sector will be one of the strategic axes in the process of economic and social reactivation of the Canary Islands that the regional Executive is planning.

The counselor informed the business federation of the interest of the regional Executive to promote the public works sector as a factor of economic recovery and to generate employment in these moments of crisis. Franquis also explained to the representative of the businessmen the upcoming presentation in Parliament of the new Housing Plan for the Canary Islands, a plan that will allow the construction of 2,200 homes to be launched in this legislature directly by the Ministry, and to which It is intended to add more houses built for social purposes by the private sector.

«I wanted to express the government’s gratitude to the construction sector for being one of the basic sectors that have maintained the vital signs of the Canary Islands economy during the hardest moments of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus,» said Franquis, «in addition To further promote the public works construction sector, I have communicated to the president of FEPECO the Ministry’s commitment to launch a powerful housing and rehabilitation plan, since construction is called to be one of the key elements of the Government’s economic reactivation plan for the Canary Islands”.

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«We have agreed with the counselor on the need for the construction sector, and especially public works, to play a leading role in the economic reconstruction proposed by the regional government,» said Izquierdo, «in this sense, the The counselor has shown us the will of the Executive to expedite the deadlines for public tenders as much as possible and also to comply with the deadlines and payments foreseen for the projects included in the Highway Agreement”.

The counselor told Izquierdo, who attended the meeting accompanied by the member of FEPECO, Modesto Campos, that one of the objectives of the Executive, in addition to promoting public works, is to give all administrative facilities to the private initiative. «There is no doubt that the commitment of the Canarian Government to promote streamlining and administrative simplification in the granting of building permits for reforms and rehabilitation, especially in the hotel plant,» concluded Franquis.

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