Inicio Canarias Canarias bate récord de realización de PCR con casi 15.000 en 72...

Canarias bate récord de realización de PCR con casi 15.000 en 72 horas


The Canary Islands register 127 positives for COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, thus maintaining the downward trend of the pandemic wave

Today the Ministry of Health notifies 127 positive cases of COVID-19, bringing the accumulated figure to 12,059 since the start of the pandemic. This data takes place just after the record for carrying out PCR tests in 72 hours was achieved with 14,742 including those who are being carried out as a result of screenings in schools. These data confirm the downward trend of the pandemic wave with a 7-day Accumulated Incidence of 54 positives per 100,000 inhabitants when last Friday it was at 67.

By islands, the most affected continues to be Gran Canaria with 6,808 accumulated positives, 50 new ones and 4,785 epidemiologically active cases; Tenerife follows with 3,453 accumulated positives, 58 new and 1,576 epidemiologically active cases; Lanzarote with 1,024 accumulated positives, 8 new and 334 epidemiologically active cases; Fuerteventura, with 522 accumulated positives, 10 new and 134 epidemiologically active cases; La Palma, 174 accumulated positives, without adding new cases and with 12 epidemiologically active cases; El Hierro with a cumulative of 46, without new cases and with 7 epidemiologically active and, finally, La Gomera, with 32 accumulated positives, one new and 13 epidemiologically active cases.

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hospital outbreak

Regarding the hospital outbreak of the Maternal and Child Insular University Hospital Complex (Chuimi), the evidence seems to confirm its stabilization after screening all staff and the measures established by management. At this time, the affected patients are stable within the severity of the pathologies that led to hospital admission and the workers remain asymptomatic, complying with home quarantine. In total, on the 4 north floor, 13 patients have tested positive, of which five have died due to their serious pathologies that led them to be admitted to a palliative care facility. Related to this outbreak, four relatives of those affected have tested positive and are isolated in their homes. At this plant, 12 workers have also tested positive.

On the eighth south floor, the outbreak has affected 6 patients, one of whom died with serious previous pathologies, and 6 workers who are in home isolation. As a result of the screening work on all health personnel, an outbreak was detected in the radiodiagnosis service, affecting a total of 9 health workers.

The Center’s Management has implemented all the necessary control measures and has expanded the protection recommendation of the Ministry of Health protocols regarding the use of masks and FFP2 and a face shield are used in hospitalization areas. In addition, visits to hospitalized patients were prohibited and the building and its exteriors have been cleaned and disinfected. In addition, surveillance and control measures for compliance with the measures have been reinforced throughout the premises. Remember that the center systematically performs PCR tests on all admitted patients, including pregnant women and pediatric patients.

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