Inicio Canarias Aprender a tocar el timple Online con el timplista Pedro Izquierdo

Aprender a tocar el timple Online con el timplista Pedro Izquierdo


Learn to play the timple online with  Pedro Izquierdo

Online timple classes are a simple, practical, progressive, comfortable and effective way to learn to play the timple without leaving home.

Pedro Izquierdo has spent a little over nine years researching and evolving the technique to take advantage of the technologies and bring them to the pedagogy of the timple.

Individual classes, group classes by levels and masterclass on different timplistic aspects.

The timplist is currently a timple teacher at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Professional Conservatory of Music since it began as a specialty in the regulated teachings of the Canary Islands.

Previously, he taught his specialty at the «Villa de La Orotava» Municipal School of Music and Dance for sixteen years.

He has combined his teaching work with concerts throughout the Canary Islands as well as in Spanish cities, also taking the timple to international stages located in Australia, Germany, Venezuela and Cuba.


YouTube is a well-known platform where you can find videos with tutorials of all kinds.

The timple has quite an important place on YouTube,  Pedro Izquierdo has a channel  with more than 250 free videos that have helped many timple fans to learn, improve and enjoy his tutorials.

He has recently held two online timple Masterclasses: one for initiation to timple with a large influx of enrollees who were able to follow from their homes in real time, by videoconference and timple in hand, the indications that Pedro Izquierdo was pointing out following his «Method for initiation  to timple» .

Another Masterclass for advanced timplists  on a mazurka that the timplist has played for many years in his concerts. For both Timple Masterclass has created a continuation course.

 Continuation course of initiation to the timple , where in a very progressive way you will advance and take the students to a better mastery of the instrument.

Online classes «works for solo timple» , where in each class you will focus on a work for timple and show measure by measure the ins and outs, tricks and improvements to master this piece. At the end of each class, students will have a recording of it to review all the content.

Pedro Izquierdo is one of the Canarian timplists who has edited and published the most scores in music theory and tablature.

Solfeggio is the universal language of music and tablature is a language graphically adapted to timple where theoretical-musical knowledge is not necessary to shell out a score. 

In these times in which physical contact, crowds, closed spaces are less and less advisable; Getting started, evolving and improving with these online timple classes is a real luxury and a way to enjoy our instrument, the timple.

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