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Accengage Enables Businesses to Personally Connect With Their Customers on WhatsApp

RIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Accengage, an Urban Airship company and Europe’s #1 mobile CRM and push notification technology provider, today announced that it is adding WhatsApp as one of its customer engagement channels. Brands can now engage with prospects and customers using push notifications and automated replies through the WhatsApp Business API. To make it even more powerful and easy to use, the new solution leverages the full power of Accengage’s UI for segmentation, personalization, localized languages and connections with other business systems.

“We are already seeing fantastic interest from businesses around the world interested in adding WhatsApp as a channel to reach more prospects and customers in moments that really matter to them.”

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As a WhatsApp Business solution provider, Accengage enables enterprises to send personalized WhatsApp messages and interact with their global customer bases at immense scale.

Businesses using Accengage can send non-promotional notifications and automated replies to WhatsApp users who have explicitly given their consent. Such WhatsApp notifications can include status updates on deliveries or flight times, proactive reminders or transactional details following a booking or an order, as well as requests for customer feedback.

This new Accengage channel opens up even more potential solutions that combine Accengage and Urban Airship technologies. New capabilities like being able to create a personalized loyalty card, coupon or mobile boarding pass or ticket using Urban Airship, and deliver it to customers on WhatsApp via Accengage, are receiving strong interest from international companies across retail, travel and entertainment industries.

“With more than 1.5 billion users across 180 countries, WhatsApp offers businesses a rare opportunity to engage more of their customers with meaningful and impactful experiences,” said Patrick Mareuil, former CEO and co-founder of Accengage, now managing director of EMEA at Urban Airship. “We are already seeing fantastic interest from businesses around the world interested in adding WhatsApp as a channel to reach more prospects and customers in moments that really matter to them.”

About Accengage, an Urban Airship Company

Founded in 2010, Accengage is Europe’s leading Push Notification & Mobile CRM Technology for Mobile Apps, Websites, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

In January 2019, Accengage was acquired by Urban Airship to create the world’s leading digital customer engagement company. Together, the combined company provides the technology to create magical customer experiences via push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, email, messaging apps, mobile wallets and other channels.

Accengage empowers marketers in more than 70 countries to boost customer engagement, conversion and retention. The company sends over 10 billion push notifications monthly to 900 million customers worldwide for hundreds of brands. To learn more about Accengage, please visit: www.accengage.com.

About the Accengage solution for WhatsApp Notifications

Accengage provides the WhatsApp Business API as part of its SaaS technology. Businesses have access to the Accengage user interface where they can create segments, set up messages, send WhatsApp notifications and analyze performance. Some of the features available now include the support of multilingual messages, personalization, automation and interconnection to external CRM & marketing solutions. Multilingual support and customer success teams are available to onboard new customers and train them on the new channel.


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