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Top Tips For Cooling Down a Conservatory

Being largely made of glass, conservatories, orangeries and sunrooms can get hot when the temperatures soar, so Rob Smith, General manager of ConservatoryLand, has compiled the below tips to help conservatory-owners:

 1. Install blinds or window film

«Conservatory blinds are an excellent way to keep your space cool while also adding style. Closed blinds can have a significant effect on temperature because they prevent sunlight from entering and overheating the room.»

«Look for blinds with solar reflective backing, as these will help repel sunlight. If you still wish to see the outside view whilst the blinds are down, you can purchase solar reflective blinds and window films which have a level of transparency, so as not to compromise your view.»

«The trick is to put the blinds down in the morning and keep them closed, only raising them for short periods when you wish to sit in the conservatory.

Once they are raised, the sunlight can enter the conservatory, warming the air inside. This can be hard to cool back down again, so try to limit raising the blinds when the sun is shining.»

«If installing blinds isn’t an option, solar reflective window films are the other alternative. These are easy to source from retailers like Amazon, but can be trickier to apply smoothly without causing bubbling. They are a semi-permanent fixture so cannot be raised up and down as with a blind.»

2.  Add air conditioning or an air cooling unit

«Another solution to help cool your conservatory is to install an air conditioning unit. Typically, air conditioning is not a low-cost option, but it is an effective way to ensure airflow in a sun-soaked space to keep it cool.»

«A low wall-mounted air conditioning unit is a great choice for conservatories with a full-height wall or dwarf wall. Plus, in the winter, the unit can provide warm air that will help heat your room.»

«Freestanding air cooling units work in a slightly different way by adding cool water moisture to the air. These offer a quick, cooling solution if your conservatory tends to trap dry, hot air and are an alternative option.»

3. Ventilation

«Ventilation is essential for keeping your conservatory’s temperature pleasant. Allow fresh air to circulate and keep the room cool by opening conservatory windows. Opening your doors when it’s hot outside will also help maintain comfortable conditions.»

«If your conservatory roof doesn’t yet have vents or an opening skylight, installing these could also help. Or, you could replace the full roof using a solar control glass roof to better maintain the temperature in your conservatory and prevent your room from getting too hot.»

4Chose lightweight soft furnishings

«Your conservatory’s interior design will also affect how cool the conservatory stays. Opt for soft, lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton for chairs and throws. Avoid leather furniture as this can get very hot and uncomfortable to sit on under sunlight, as it retains the heat.»

Is it time to upgrade your old conservatory?

Rob adds that, «The construction of a conservatory is one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining comfortable temperatures. Old conservatories made from poor-quality materials might struggle to retain heat and reduce glare.»

For more tips on how to keep a conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter, please visit:


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