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Tenerife.- El International Ocean Film Tour prevé colgar el cartel de lleno en el Teatro Guimerá




The International Ocean Film Tour, the most important film festival based on the sea in Europe, will land in Tenerife today, Thursday 14 at 8:00 p.m. at the Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

This will be one of his last stops before touring another 18 cities in the country.

The International Ocean Film Tour takes the works ‘ Shobe Surf’, ‘The deep med’, ‘Storm Ride’ ‘Into the ice’ and ‘Cold water therapy’ on a world tour , in original version (mainly English, French and German) and with Spanish subtitles.

A few hours after the premiere in Tenerife of Vol.8, tickets at the Guimerá theater are still on sale, with the aim of hanging the full poster.

The festival will screen five works from three continents for the ‘Ocean Lovers’ of Tenerife and tourists

with shorts made in Canada, Germany, Australia, France and Denmark, selected among the more than 200 documentaries aspiring to enter this circuit.

The festival, in addition to showing unique stories and the wildest and most unknown corners of the sea, has an ambitious objective, and for this reason it collaborates with local companies in the ocean sector to reach citizens and make the message effective and make visible and promote the Objectives  of Sustainable Development (SDG) .

«If science does not reach people through effective dissemination, it is useless,» said the festival’s director, Chema Moreno. 

After the projections, the International Ocean Film Tour will raffle among all attendees various  experiences related to the sea , an opportunity to try and get closer to the oceans in a sustainable way.

Among the raffled prizes, in which all spectators can participate with their ticket, is an ecological whale watching experience in Puerto Colón, Adeje, with the local company Bonadea II, a member of the charter for the sustainability of whale watching.

It is an experience of sighting and respect for cetaceans and the environment, while offering a transformative tourist journey for the passenger.

There will also be a draw for a conscious diving experience with photos for two people in Sardina de Gáldar, Gran Canaria, with the local company Buceo Norte Gran Canaria.

This is the only center in Gran Canaria that has an instructor of instructors and a philosophy based on ‘ Conscious Diving’ , which means enjoying diving to the fullest while respecting marine life and its habitat at all times.

Among the raffles, viewers will also be able to win the Canary Islands Marine Biodiversity Guide from the local company Oceanográfica.

This dissemination agency has managed more than  1,500 awareness and communication actions,  providing services to projects in Europe, Africa and South America, design and planning of communication strategies and dissemination of national and international projects for initiatives in the European Union, the UN and several ministries and autonomous governments of Spain and Portugal, in addition to executing dozens of European projects.



The International Ocean Film Tour, managed by Kinema Producciones in the Canary Islands, is an international project for environmental dissemination and awareness, focused on  seven of the Sustainable Development Goals  to transform the world.

This leading festival in Europe addresses the Sustainable Development Goals agenda and its 17 challenges in a different way, involving in the same initiative quality education, actions to have clean water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, production and consumption responsible,  protect underwater life, the life of terrestrial ecosystems  and works to create alliances to achieve the objectives.

At this event, the International Ocean Film Tour 2022 will feature Daniela Coutinho, director of Parley For the Oceans in Portugal, and Alicia Herrera Ulibarri, biologist and doctor in oceanography, whose main line of research focuses on studying the effects of the microplastic pollution in marine ecosystems.

The International Ocean Film Tour arrives in the Canary Islands thanks to the local production company Kinema Producciones with the aim of promoting the protection, defense and conservation of the oceans in the Canary Islands and advancing the challenge of caring for and conserving the environment.

This festival has the support of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council through its Autonomous Organization for Culture and Sports Department, Buceo Norte Dive Center, Bonadea II – Diomedea, Oceanográfica, Latitud Azul Canarias, Oceans4LifeGC, TopTime Eventos, Sea Shepherd Spain , Precious Plastic Gran Canaria, Rethink your Garbage, the University of La Laguna and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria through the Faculty of Marine Sciences and the Sustainability Department.

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