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México.- El AIFA, un aeropuerto bien planeado, administrado y operado, coinciden Sectur y Diputados

AIFA, Well Planned Airport.-

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, accompanied by members of the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, toured the facilities of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), in which they verified that it is a work well planned to promote air connectivity in the country.

The delegation of deputies and deputies was made up of the president of the Tourism Commission of the H. Chamber of Deputies, Jericó Abramo Masso, from the PRI Parliamentary Group; Alfredo Aurelio González Cruz, from Morena; Ciria Yamile Salomón Durán, from PVEM; Sergio Barrera Sepúlveda, from Movimiento Ciudadano; Carlos Noriega Romero, from Morena; and Faustino Vidal Benavides, from Morena.

Torruco Marqués, accompanied by his entourage and the legislators, began the work tour leaving the facilities of the H. Chamber of Deputies in San Lázaro, arriving at AIFA in 50 minutes.

Upon arrival, they were received by General Isidoro Pastor Román, general director of AIFA, who made an executive presentation on the airport, its scope, its projections and the state it has kept since its inauguration on March 21, 2022.

The general explained that in these months of operation the airport has served 111,710 passengers in 1,139 operations; 

He affirmed that currently the current capacity of AIFA allows it to attend 19 million passengers, in a second stage it will be able to receive 50 million and for a last phase it will admit 90 million passengers.

He highlighted that by September 64 daily flights will operate, and national and international routes are gradually increasing, in addition, users have reported a satisfaction level of 84%.

He said that AIFA has international certifications that guarantee air safety, and is attached to transparency guidelines.

During the meeting, General Isidoro Pastor, the Secretary of Tourism and the legislators held a productive dialogue in which they agreed on the importance of promoting joint actions that contribute to the development of AIFA and air connectivity, for the benefit of the economy and the tourism.

After the meeting, the attendees toured the facilities, such as the terminal building, accesses, commercial areas and the last waiting rooms, as well as the Bus Terminal, and soon the Suburban Train station, as part of the terrestrial connectivity options for passengers traveling through AIFA.

The head of Sectur highlighted the importance of AIFA, not only in terms of air connectivity, but also as an attraction to promote tourism.

Proof of this are the three museums found in this area, the same ones that the deputies toured.

They visited the Mexican Aviation Museum, which preserves the history of the Mexican Air Force, and the Quinametzin Paleontological Museum, where mammoth remains that inhabited this area thousands of years ago are exhibited, among other pieces from that era; in addition to the Railway Museum, where wagons were restored, which inside have decorations from different eras.

The deputies agreed with the Secretary of Tourism, that AIFA has first-class, safe, comfortable facilities, with important technological advances and that it complies with international standards, which will allow the economy and tourist activity to detonate to different destinations in the country. .

The Secretary of Tourism thanked the host of General Isidoro Pastor, General Director of AIFA, as well as the presence of the federal deputies, and pointed out that the sum of efforts between the different powers will achieve joint coordination, not just a speedy recovery , but the sustained growth of an industry that is already located as the third generator of the National GDP of Mexico.

Also present on the tour were Humberto Hernández Haddad, Undersecretary of Tourism; Captain Rafael Miranda Castrejón, Director of Public Relations for AIFA; General Ramón Guardado Sánchez, head of the Legislative Liaison Unit before the Honorable Congress of the Union; among others.

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