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Libro Los versos del varadero, Loli Moreno Hernández

Inclined 23, 44º

My temperament is not made to walk skins.

usurp her

completely melted,

in the warmth of a caress


I write on the branches.

I habit you.




Tied to silence, / takes a walk / quiet barking. / In the forest, / quick breath refreshes. / The blinking/ of his appendix / life shines.

More than a year ago, Loli Moreno gave me a copy of a poetry book entitled Los versos del varadero. And in her dedication the poet wrote: – Companion of letters, for me one of the architects of this dream coming true .

Loli had fulfilled one of her dreams. A dream that we sometimes talk about, the dream of one day publishing a book of poems. It is true that for a time I encouraged her to experiment, to write, she even participated in an erotic literature workshop that I gave at the Island Library. I knew that poetry is a long journey but that the path would change his life, so much so that I remember that I suggested that he participate in one of the poetry workshops that Juan Francisco, who is also a friend and poet, narrator, and editor, coordinated for almost a decade. Gonzalez-Diaz.

And in this context, the illusion and the desire to learn, the need to express feelings, to participate and demonstrate, arose. To cross the limits and transcend through art. And, almost without his realizing it, the gestation of those twelve poems published in the poetic anthology entitled Los versos del varadero was completed.

And in that eagerness for communication, he celebrates the search for love as a literary matter or perhaps as a biographical confession or simply as a feeling of a state. Love although with reservations, with correspondence doubts. In fact Elsa López, author of the book’s prologue, states: Loli Moreno writes in the branches of a tree of sadness that she does not want to name .

A poetry that shows us the closeness of the poet:

…From the early games / loses his gaze, / to the flirtation of smiles…

A poetry that flows in a spiral of loneliness and passion, of possible encouragement and hope that dissolves between doubt and the unsaid. A poetry that paints desires and stops in the recesses of dreams.

…Flees, /taciturn/ scrutinizes walls that scream. / Rambles, / dances the planting. / Outside of herself, she does not inhabit herself / Surrounded by her soul, she is alone /

The poet explores the areas of intimacy and memory, loneliness and the acceptance of defeat. She jumps from one verse to another with short verses, she flees from herself to find herself in a new space inhabited by the poet.

Los versos del varadero is a poetic anthology published by the Centro Canario Estudios Caribeños in 2018. It has a beautiful descriptive cover of the poet Juan Carlos Mestre. A volume with a careful selection of poems in which the following authors participate:

Martín del Carmen Abreu Almeida, Bachir Ahmed Aomar, Olga Cabrera Negrín, Yubi Cisneros Mussa, Juana Olivia Falcón Falcón, Pino Lorenzo López, Ana María Martín González, Miguel Ángel Navarro Herrera, María Teresa Naveira Gómez, María Isabel Padilla Santervaz and the founder Juan Francisco González-Díaz, founder and coordinator of the Espejo de Paciencia and Dulce María Loynaz Workshops that began around 2010 and 2013 until the beginning of 2018.

From what I can affirm that this anthology, the verses of the dry dock, exists thanks to the weekly work and love for poetry, to the seriousness of teamwork in which, among other activities, they investigate and select readings that suggest the components of the group of the aforementioned Workshops.

From what I can affirm that it is a universe open to poetic adventure. A meeting place with the word and with the reflection of the emotions in which Loli Moreno Hernández celebrates friendship, she feels better in her world and is enriched by Beauty.

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