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Huerta-Huerta y Carro-Lobato, vencedores del III Challenge Beach Volley Cup Gran Canaria

The  III Challenge Beach Volley Cup Gran Canaria has crowned its winning couples in the male and female category today, the tournament favourites, the Canarian brothers Javier and Alejandro Huerta with a result of 1-2 and the Spanish champions, Belén Carro and Ángela Lobato, who revalidated their title in this tournament 2-0 .

Spectacular day of sun and live sport that has been experienced with the celebration of the finals of the  III Challenge Beach Volley Cup Gran Canaria . Absolutely packed stands and a great atmosphere to receive the finalists of the tournament.

The first to jump onto center court were the current champions of the competition and current champions of Spain,  Belén Carro from Madrid and Ángela Lobato  from Malaga   to face the Argentine couple  Maia Najul  and  Cecilia Peralta , who reached the final after signing a fantastic tournament.

Incredible shots by the Spanish and Carro’s staunch defense made the favorites start gaining an advantage. The Argentines were not going to make it easy and staged a fantastic comeback that equalized the set at 19 points. Carro and Lobato ended up taking the first set by 21 to 19.

Far superior and concentrated, the Spanish concluded the match scoring the second set by 21-11, thus revalidating their title of champions of the Challenge Beach Volley Cup Gran Canaria with a 2-0 result.

“We feel a little bit from here,” Lobato confessed, “we are very happy for this victory and every time we come we enjoy a lot.” Her partner Belén highlighted «the impressive fans of the islands and the quality of the event, the work of the Canary Islands Volleyball Federation is spectacular, we are going to continue coming to compete.»

After starring in a truly heart-stopping semifinal, the favorites, the Canarian couple  Javier and Alejandro Huerta  and the Argentines  Bautista Amieiva  and  Leandro Aveiro , reached the final of the tournament . Vibrant first set that was evenly matched in which both couples trailed almost point by point. The Huerta brothers managed to score the victory by 21 to 19 after two spectacular blocks by Javier.

The Argentines took the lead in the second set. With more accurate balls and taking advantage of every hole, they beat the canaries by 12 to 21, taking this exciting final to the third set. But the canaries were not willing to let themselves be defeated in their land.

Putting the public on their feet with each play and with their already characteristic blocks, true retaining walls, Javier and Alejandro Huerta won by 15-8, becoming the winners of the tournament with a result of 1-2.

The Canaries thanked the institutions, the Federation, the public and all the volunteers for their work «for a magnificent event, it is a pride to be able to compete here in our land, against those who have seen us grow as athletes,» assured Javier.

As soon as the matches concluded, the trophies were handed out by  Manuel López , General Director of Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands,  Leticia López , Manager of the Municipal Institute for the Promotion of Physical Activity and Sports of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the parliamentarian of the Popular Group  Carlos Ester, Gonzalo Toledo,  representative of Ahembo and the president of the Canarian Volleyball Federation,  Roberto Melián .

The general director of Sports,  Manolo López , affirmed that “this event is consolidating over time, and we must thank the work of the Canarian Volleyball Federation. Going abroad hand in hand with this sport is very important, it is also being a very outstanding year for the Canary Islands and we must congratulate the clubs, the Federation and the work of many anonymous people.”

 Leticia López  wanted to highlight the importance of having an event of this level, «precisely at a time as full and glorious as the one that this sport is experiencing in our city, both on the track and on the beach, and with the increase in federative licenses, especially everything in the base categories”.

For his part, the president of the Canary Islands Volleyball Federation,  Roberto Melián , was very satisfied with the development of this third edition, «on a sporting level it has been quite a spectacle, the public has been able to enjoy the best athletes and some very exciting games”.

Melián did not want to stop thanking institutions and sponsors for their support, “without them all this would not be possible. There is a lot of work in this event, but it is certainly worth it, we are already thinking about the next edition”.

The  Challenge Beach Volley Cup 2023  is organized by the  Canarian Volleyball Federation,  the  Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation  with the sponsorship of the  Cabildo de Gran Canaria  through its  Insular Institute of Sports  and its brand  Gran Canaria, Isla Europea del Deporte , and the  the Ministry of Tourism of Gran Canaria , the  City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  through the  Municipal Institute for the Promotion of Physical Activity and Sport  and the  Department of Ciudad de Mar  and the  Government of the Canary Islands . They also sponsor Howden, John Smith, 7up  , and  Volkano Media Group .

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