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Fuerteventura.- PP de Antigua insta al Alcalde a que ayude a familias, autónomos y pymes


Fuerteventura, April 24, 2020.- The Popular Party  of Antigua urges the Mayor to modify the draft of the Municipal Budget sent to the opposition with the aim of «adapting the municipal accounts to the situation of social and economic emergency that Antigua is experiencing , families, the self-employed, SMEs from all sectors,» says Gustavo Berriel, spokesman for the PP in Antigua.
The Municipal Budget for the 2020 financial year has still not been approved in the municipality after, following the approval of the State of Alarm decree, the plenary session scheduled for a month ago was suspended. «We have to change the budget execution bases that allow the elimination and lowering of all taxes and rates for the entire business sector of the municipality. If the bases are not changed, we will not be able to do it,» says Berriel, who adds «in addition, it is essential to increase the social items aimed at families who need it most, in a planned way, and focus on helping to recover employment with economic measures for small and medium-sized companies in the municipality».
It is one of the measures for Antigua that the councilors of the PP, Gustavo Berriel, América Brito, Sara García and Samuel Fránquiz, have presented this Friday to the government group in which they also request to abolish the household garbage rate for the next 12 months and «execute the lowering of the IBI from the current 0.45 to 0.4 as approved in a motion presented by the PP. The council is healthy and we can deal with this tax cut that directly benefits the neighbor.»
In economic matters, the popular ones ask to eliminate the commercial garbage rate for the self-employed and SMEs, repeal the municipal ordinance for the collection of new establishments in Antigua and apply the reduction of the tourist IBI to the minimum. «It is about attracting new companies and creating new jobs but also helping to start those who are already there who during this time have had to face payments without having an income. We continue to think that the best social policy to help families is the job», says Berriel.


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