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El RCG Las Palmas en busca de un campeón ‘centenario’ para celebrar el 130 Aniversario del club canario.

The senior club has held the first round of its prestigious and long-running Palmer Cup, created in 1894, the oldest in Spanish golf and any sports discipline in Spain.

The Palmer Cup, the longest-running golf competition with 127 years of uninterrupted history and, in fact, the oldest of any sports discipline in Spain, takes on special relevance this year, since the Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas, headquarters of such a historic tournament, celebrates 130 years of history.

Among the illustrious guests of the tournament, it is worth mentioning the representatives of the eight hundred-year-old clubs in Spain: RC de la Puerta de Hierro, RSHE Club de Campo, RCG de San Sebastián, RSG de Neguri, RCG El Prat, CG San Cugat, RGC Zarauz or CG Bellavista.

The competition will take place over two days, 18 holes Individual Stroke Play Handicap (not cumulative), to accommodate all those registered and invited. The field will remain exactly the same as the first day for the second. The players who play on the 17th will not be able to play on the field on the 16th. (Except the guests who play in their own category.). For game purposes, the exact handicap will be limited to 18.0 for men and 24.0 for women.

The categories are: Gentlemen, Ladies, Guest Player, Senior Gentleman, Senior Lady and 1st Classified indistinct scratch.

On a sunny day, very pleasant for playing golf, with those enviable 20ºC that make the Islands a European paradise, Jaime Fleitas and Pedro Quevedo lead the provisional Ranking of Gentlemen at the end of the 18 regulatory holes, tied with 70 blows, and Rodrigo Montesdeoca with 74. In Ladies, Andrea Ramos and Pilar Caterrero tie at 74. In Scratch, Juan Luis Bethemcourt Duque with 74.

With the very fast greens and the occasional complicated flag, the first 42 players who went out on the Canary Island course, awaiting tomorrow’s results, when the field is completed with the following registrants, who will play the course in the same conditions as today .

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About the Palmer Cup

The Palmer Cup was founded by Walter Palmer (1858-1910), a biscuit maker and Conservative politician who served in the House of Commons from 1900 to 1906. Palmer was born in Reading, Berkshire, the son of George Palmer, who founded the Huntley & Palmer company, manufacturer of biscuits. He was educated at University College London and also at the Sorbonne in Paris. He became a director of the firm and was also the first president of University College Reading.

In 1894, according to the Club’s Book of Minutes, Palmer donates and exposes the conditions of the Cup, which will later bear his name, giving rise to the competition, which would be held uninterruptedly from then on.

The Palmer Cup (1894) is not only the oldest trophy in Spanish golf, but also the oldest in Spain in any sport and one of the oldest in golf on the European continent. One of the oldest clubs in England, Royal North Devon GC, founded in 1864, does not have an older trophy in its cabinets, it is true that in those days medals were awarded to the winners.

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