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Concedidos los Premios Tenerife Rural 2020.

Tenerife Rural Awards 2020.- The award-winning individuals and entities are Antonia María Jiménez González (Conservation of Agrarian Biodiversity and Maintenance of Traditional Agrosystems), Guillermo Vera de León (Conservation of Agrarian and Marine Heritage and/or rural traditions), Altos de Trevejos Winery (Innovative and/or Sustainable Business Initiative in the Rural Environment), Luján González Izquierdo (Research Work) and the “Marías” of the Teno Rural Park (Rural Woman of Tenerife)

The jury has also awarded a special mention, posthumously, to Victoriano Hernández Trujillo, in the category of Conservation of Agrarian Biodiversity and Maintenance of Traditional Agrosystems

The Tenerife Rural 2020 Awards will be delivered at an event early next year

The Cabildo de Tenerife, through the Tenerife Rural Foundation, has awarded the Tenerife Rural Awards corresponding to its eleventh edition, which will be delivered at the beginning of 2021.

Once the evaluation process was developed by the technical committee and the jury, the winners of the five existing categories were decided among the 23 candidacies presented for these awards, which are intended to recognize the trajectory of people and entities that have stood out for their contribution. to agricultural diversity, the maintenance of traditional agricultural practices of high environmental value and the conservation of rural and marine heritage, as well as innovative business initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of the island and the fundamental role of women in the world rural.

The decision of the jury of the eleventh edition of the Tenerife Rural Awards was recently agreed and ratified by the Board of Trustees of the Rural Foundation, in an act that was held in the Noble Hall of the Cabildo.


The jury, chaired by the insular Councilor for Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock, Javier Parrilla, was made up of the manager of the Tenerife Rural Foundation, Jorge de Miguel García; the Ethnographic Rescue coordinator of the Tenerife Rural Foundation, Juan Antonio Jorge Peraza, the superior technician of the Tegueste City Council, Alicia Barber Riquelme; the Foreign Trade representative of the Chamber of Commerce, Elena Forniés Beltrán; the consultant Luis Durango; the economist Luis Delgado, and the journalist José Carlos Marrero.

In the modality of Conservation of Agrarian Biodiversity and Maintenance of Traditional Agrosystems, the prize has been awarded to Antonio María Jiménez González, presented by the Guía de Isora City Council.


The conservation and maintenance work of the Tenerife Sur goat variety has helped him to obtain this award.

In this specialty, a special mention is awarded to Victoriano Hernández Trujillo, posthumously, who died during the process of calling for the awards, for a life dedicated to agricultural and livestock work during his almost 100 years of life, a candidacy that was presented by the City Council of La Orotava.

Regarding the category of Conservation of Agrarian and Marine Heritage and/or Rural Traditions, Guillermo Vera de León was awarded, at the proposal of the Neighborhood Association of El Pris, El Sargo, of Tacoronte.


Guillermo Vera has been a traditional fisherman throughout his life and his communicative spirit stands out, which has helped him pass on his knowledge to all the generations that have followed him.

In the modality of Innovative and/or Sustainable Business Initiative of the Rural Environment, proposed by the San Miguel de Abona City Council, the Altos de Trevejos Winery has been awarded.

The rapid and qualified evolution of a winery that has increased its production as well as the quality of its wines together with a very significant building and agricultural exploitation stands out from this company.

In the category of Research Work and Promotion of the Values ​​of the Rural World of Tenerife, the award was given to Luján González Izquierdo, proposed by the Voz del Valle Neighborhood Association, from Taganana (Santa Cruz de Tenerife).

This candidate is a benchmark for the recovery of Taganana customs and traditions, where he has done a great deal of research and dynamization in his work of rescuing and maintaining the hallmarks of this nucleus of Anaga.

Finally, in the modality of Rural Woman of Tenerife, the work of the «Marías» of the Rural Park of Teno has been recognized, at the proposal of the Buenavista City Council:

María del Carmen Verde Negrín (María de las Cuevas), María del Rosario Regalado (María de los Dornajos), María Agustina Álvarez González (María Agustina de la Abejera), María Teresa Martín Regalado (María Teresa de la Zahorra), María González Regalado (María del Vallado), María Rodríguez González (María de La Mesita), María del Carmen González Martín (María Carmensa de La Tablada).

The role of women in the rural world, often invisible, is recognized with this distinction for the many years of silent and basic work to maintain families and the environment of Macizo de Teno.

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