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A toy to teach children the value of money.

Born of an effort to teach children the value of money and the nostalgia of the objects of our past, Coink evolves from an educational toy, once heavy with coins, to an ornamental bookend.

It’s a classic piggy bank with a unique twist, equally at home in a child’s bedroom or as an ornamental object in any modern home. Sand-cast in aluminum and rumble finished, the irregularities and imperfections are part of the charm as your Coink ages and patinas over time.

Designed in Australia by David Caon from Leker Studio and Henry Wilson from Studio Henry Wilson, the Coink is available exclusively in the United States at Gestalt Haus.


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Gestalt Haus offers stylishly curated homewares for the design devotee.

The word Gestalt originated in Germany in the 1920s, literally meaning “form, shape”.

Over time, it came to stand for “an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts”. This is the philosophy of Gestalt Haus, that any and every single piece is as important as the entire collection. We are part of the Gestalt Group and you can read more about Gestalt New York here.

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