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Cool Vegetarian Recipes images


Some cool vegetarian recipes photos:

Roasted Cauliflower
vegetarian recipes
Picture by SummerTomato
Roasted curried cauliflower recipe

Consuming the Choke!
vegetarian recipes
Image by cizauskas
Stage one. Trimming the leaves.
Phase 2. Simmer upside-down
Stage three. Simmer right-side up.
Step 4. Eat the leaves.
Step 5. Preparing the choke.
Phase six. Removing the ‘hair.’
Stage seven: Eating the choke.

Adapted from:
&quotHow To Make (And Eat) A Best Steamed Artichoke&quot
Summer season Tomato.

Photograph by Yours For Good
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vegetarian recipes
Image by cizauskas
Thanks to Stephanie Weber of for this great recipe:

&quotAs the end of August draws close to, I find myself shocked that zucchini season is almost more than! But I’m not carried out but! I give you — Zucchini Risotto. It utilizes up a ton of zucchini in a extremely sneaky way.&quot

Pictures by Yours For Excellent
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